Hunt4Hope is run by Yeshiva High school students who live in Bergen County. We wanted to come up with an idea that would provide a healthy distraction from the current situation while also raising money for Holy Name Hospital in recognition of our healthcare workers during this challenging time.
We have created a safe scavenger hunt for the Jewish community in Bergen County which will allow participants to do something fun and exciting, that is also meaningful and impactful. It’s called “Hunt4Hope”. We will charge a minimal fee to those participating, but any additional donations to Holy Name Hospital are allowed and appreciated. All proceeds will go to Holy Name Hospital and the healthcare workers and medical personnel there who are the real heroes during this hard time. The scavenger hunt list consists of things that are outdoors and easily accessible on walks that people may already be going on and allows participants to adhere to social distancing protocols and stay safe.
Our sponsors are local restaurants and stores as we also wanted to show our support to the local businesses who have really been there for us all recently. They’ve provided exciting prizes for the winners of the scavenger hunt.We hope you can all have fun with this and help us support the heroes at Holy Name Hospital while doing it!
Let the hunt begin!
Submissions must be in by: May 20 9 PM
- Nava Forman and Adira Schreiber



Step 1: Sign up with a team name and contact information on the google form linked below. Teams must be 6 people or less. If you are not living with your team, you should split up the list and each take a few pictures but do not break social distancing protocols to meet up with your team.

Step 2: Pay the minimum participation fee (18$) on the gofundme page below. All money will go to Holy Name Hospital for the healthcare workers and medical personnel working to keep us safe! Your minimum participation fee must be made under your team name but any additional donations you might choose to make on the gofundme can be anonymous if you prefer.

Step 3: Once you’ve signed up, let the hunt begin! You don’t need to find them all - take photos of as many things on the list as you can find! At least one member of the team must be present in every photo. This scavenger hunt is designed to take place during walks or runs you may already be going on. It’s a great opportunity to get outside but please make sure to maintain social distancing protocols and stay safe while participating!

Step 4: Compile all the photos from your group on a google doc or a google slides with your team name and contact information (email and phone number) included. Also include the names of your team members (if possible) on the doc or slides. Then, share that google doc with the email hunt4hopebergen@gmail.com.

Photos should be labeled with the corresponding number on the scavenger hunt list. (Example: If the list says “4) 10 Shuls”, the photos with Shuls should have the number “4” next to them on the google doc. Submissions must be in by 9 PM on May 20.

The winning groups will be judged on how many items on the list were completed, the creativity of the photos, and adherence to the rules.

If you have any questions, please reach out to hunt4hopebergen@gmail.com



  1. A five-way intersection

  2. A selfie with your teammates (only those who live in your household!)

  3. 20 fire hydrants

  4. 10 shuls

  5. 8 restaurants

  6. 15 stop signs

  7. 4 walking bridges

  8. 5 different kinds of flowers

  9. 5 street name signs that are also a person's name

  10. 7 delivery trucks

  11. 5 dogs (get the owner’s permission and make sure to stay socially distanced!)

  12. A large body of water

  13. A sign welcoming you to a town

  14. Train tracks

  15. Sidewalk chalk

  16. 2 baseball fields

  17. 2 soccer fields

  18. 2 basketball courts

  19. The largest tree you can find

  20. 3 things Bergen-County related - get creative!

  21. Your favorite spot in Bergen County



 1st Place: 50$ gift card to the Humble Toast
 2nd Place: 40$ gift card to Dougies 
3rd Place: 20$ gift card to Chopstix 
4th Place: 10$ gift card to Tavlin












Thanks for submitting!